Unique investment opportunity in the historic city Budva, Montenegro

Why Montenegro

What makes Montenegro an attractive real estate investment opportunity ?

It's been noticed that recently the opportunity of real estate investment into real estate for sale has increased dramatically. Today the amount of transactions with real estate sale and purchase on Montenegrin coast has a steady growth trend. What exactly makes real estate for sale on Montenegrin Adriatic coast an unsurpassed investment opportunity?

Below are some of the main advantages of this part of the Adriatic coast, and, therefore, weighty arguments for real estate sale and purchase in Montenegro.

  • You will have the opportunity of real estate investment in the cleanest part of the Adriatic, which has not been spoiled by civilization yet. Neither giant hotels and noisy restaurants nor other real estate for sale objects overcrowd the coastline. The sea itself is much cleaner on the eastern Adriatic coast than on the western one. That is why Italians prefer beaches of Montenegro when going on holidays.

  • Remarkably mild climate all year round is attractive for tourists, which is also important for real estate investment opportunity. The coast is planted with palm trees, cypress and olive groves, cedars and pomegranates. You can see cottages, apartments, villas and other real estate for sale objects placed comfortably in their shadows.

  • Real estate investment opportunity in Montenegro is enhanced by relatively little red tape involved into the registration of real estate for sale and purchase, the whole procedure taking just a couple of days.

  • Private property right protection having deep historical roots (land here has always remained private property and never been expropriated) affords attractive real estate investment opportunity, too.

  • Favourable, if compared to Spain, France, Italy, Greece or Cyprus, taxation for owners of real estate and really low utility payments provide real estate investment opportunity for international investors.

  • Real estate sale prices, construction and finishing works in Montenegro are much lower than any other European country - the fact, which is the most important while talking about real estate investment opportunities.

  • Finally, the constant increase of prices for real estate for sale makes any acquisition of the real estate an eligible investment opportunity. A villa, an apartment, a house, a cottage and, in fact, any kind of real estate for sale on Adriatic seaside, if rented, can bring in a steady income to you.